International Projects

The Rotary Club of Greater Portage County has partnered with Make a Mark Foundation’s Trees 4 Children project, a 10-year initiative to plant 300,000 Melia Volkensii trees on 500 acres (50 acres every year) in Nyumbani Village in Kitui, Kenya. The high-value Melia timber will be sold and the revenues generated used to care for the more than 700 AIDS orphans and their caretakers (grandparents) in Nyumbani Village.

Our Involvement: The Rotary Club of Greater Portage County has secured funding enough to put in 2 shallow wells with solar pumps that will be used to drip-irrigate 30,000 Melia trees in Nyumbani Village, Kenya. The trees are being watered with solar pumps and drip irrigation to insure they will survive the arid weather in Kitui.

Implementation Timeline: Before end of June 2011. We hope to involve a few of our club members to travel to Kenya and take part in the installation of the solar pumps on the wells. We will also involve 2 Rotary Clubs in Kenya: Rotary Club of Nairobi in Karen and Rotary Club of Machakos.

More About Trees 4 Children

Melia is an indigenous high-value tree species that will be sold as logs or timber products upon maturity. The revenues generated will be enough to care for one village and also help plant more trees to benefit other AIDS orphans.  At the end of 10 years, the 300,000 trees planted will have offset tons of carbon emissions and improved the microclimate of the surrounding areas. Trees For Children – Kenya is a long-term strategy for sustainability that will provide funding indefinitely for current and future intergenerational villages. It is a concept we hope the entire world will embrace.

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Questions: Contact Geoffrey Mburu 715-252-2150 or Rick Zahn